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by land or by sea 101 Parker Road Tuckerton, NJ 08087  
39° 34.840′ N 74° 20.054′ W
Closed for Season Reopening Spring 2023
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Boating directions from Beach Haven & the center of Little Egg Harbor: Warning: If you are unfamiliar with boating in Little Egg Harbor/Barnegat Bay, you may want to follow someone else the first time you boat from Long Beach Island to Panini Bay/Tuckerton. There are no roads or street signs on the water, and aids to navigation are few and far between, so you travel at your own risk! Consulting a chart of the area is also a good idea before heading out. From the intracostal waterway, in the area of Morrison’s Marina & Mordecai Island, Tuckerton is west-northwest. You will want to get yourself from Beach Haven/Intracostal Waterway out into the main part of Little Egg Harbor where the bay is of uniform depth, usually between 4 ½ & 6 feet deep depending on the tide. (there are several ways to get out into the bay away from the sand bars, but all are difficult to put into words. Your best bet is to follow someone with local knowledge). Once out into the bay, look west towards a large group of waterfront houses on the mainland bunched tightly together with a cylindrical water tower that appears to be on the north end of the houses. This is Tuckerton Beach. The tower is painted bright red & blue on top. Do not be distracted by the land to the north or south. These are islands, be sure to follow your compass or GPS. Take a heading towards the southern tip of the Tuckerton Beach homes. As you make your way across the bay you will start to be able to pick out details, like the color of the water tower & the house with the big blue roof. From your perspective, you will be heading around these homes to the south and then north into a big cove. As you get closer, you should see some small channel markers leading into Tuckerton Creek. Go ahead and follow this channel. At this point you should see South Green Street Park to your right (just a parking lot with outhouses, usually some cars, & maybe a flagpole). Once past the park, (at this point you should still be in the Tuckerton Creek Channel), you will see a cove to your right surrounded by houses. Panini is right in the northeast corner of the cove with a long 100’ dock. From a distance, it just looks like a house. We have a big yellow sign on the street that you can see from the water, by far the longest dock, and the only one with light posts. Usually there are several boats tied up. We are five houses in from the great big house that kind of sits by itself on the east side of the cove.